GNURadio 2.x Debian Packages

This is a temporary place-holder for gnuradio 2.x debian packages. Once Sarge is released, the outdated 0.9 version will be removed from unstable and 2.x packages will be uploaded, till then, please use this repository for installing gnuradio 2.x version Debian packages. Please report problems to "rkrishnan AT debian PERIOD org"

The apt repository can be accessed by adding the following lines into your

/etc/apt/sources.list file.

deb  binary/
deb-src  source/
The gnuradio version 2.4 tarballs are also packaged. But they are not in very good shape yet. They can be obtained from:
deb  binary/

After adding the line, do

apt-get update

Please note that 2.4 version requires a new swig version (>= 1.3.23), which is also in the above repository. This copy of swig is an unofficial version obtained from and is for testing purposes only.

Debian Packages

The packages are split into the following. The ones cut off are the packaged ones.

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